Tips on Exhibiting Your Art

art exhibition

It’s a dream of every artist to get their work exhibited. But it is quite hard to get your work selected for an exhibition and the process requires patience, dedication, and talent. It’s a unique and enriching experience to hold an art show, and the challenge of bringing together different art elements in a meaningful and cohesive way can prove to be tiresome. That why it’s required to have a plan when planning to stage an art exhibition.

Here are Tips on Exhibiting Your Art

Contact Local artists

The Original Art Shop recommend that you check out other artists in your local area or even far towns who might be holding art exhibitions. Verify if they would be interested in having you exhibit your work or even be a partner in the show venture. Having collaborative efforts may offer significant opportunities for an artist to showcase their talent resulting in more well-rounded and diverse display. You might consider sharing expenses like space rent; guest’s lists promotional materials setups, etc. This would be one way of showing how serious you want to join the local team. It is also important to give proper credit to other artists for their contribution.

Promote your work

Print flyers, one-page information, flags, posters and you can even request the local business people if you can hand samples of your job on their stores. Make sure you briefly describe the theme and nature of your paints or drawing and also mention about the upcoming exhibition. Ensure you include vital details like venue, date, time, entrance cost, and dress code. Confirm if you will offer snacks and refreshments, this is one way of drawing interest from the people. Additionally, you can ask local musical artists to perform in the exhibition, or if the exhibition is a high profile one consider an interview or press releases with various local news networks. You can also promote your work via social media and other channels online.

Enter Juried Exhibitions

Joining different juried shows is one way of having your work noticed locally and internationally. You need to have a professional work and in a digital image, ensure your paintings have a proper framing, and they create the theme you have displayed. Remember you will cater for any cost that might occur like the shipping cost. Entering international and national competitions opens doors for awards that can boost your work.

Price your artwork

The primary goal of exhibiting your work is to make a sale. Once you display your job, it’s advisable to know how much you will sell. You can research on how can images and theme have performed in the past and get a clue of how to set the prices. You also have to be fair to yourself and the buyer. Take into consideration the technical complexity, labor, medium, expenses incurred, etc. When holding an exhibition with other artists, you also need to put in mind the prices they have set for their work to avoid conflict of interest.

Successfully exhibiting your artwork is one way of making sale and getting recognised for your talent

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